Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What do I want for web 2013/14?

Well i am planning for the year ahead and with latest round of cuts its not know whether I can deliver all of this but if I can do some of it then I will.  It will be a challenge but I love a challenge!

Digital business
Whats this? this is a transformation for services in the lines of digital by design or digital by default and its going to be a slight "change" project for services to embrace the opportunities that the digi-sphere has to offer in terms of connections, networking, engagement and changing the way we deliver business.  It will save money.

Access strategy
Changes to way that we deliver online needs some thinking to tie it all up, the digital business will fit into the access strategy to define what channels we will utilise and how.  The digital business work will define how we think about digital.  We then need to implent lots of work which will tie up existing channels to give the customer a better experience.

Using current technology to connect with more people, this needs some work around what is the best way to do this, could be Google +, skype or something else.  I want to embed collaboration tools and again the digital business will define how this will benefit the business.  We will be looking at doing face to face sit downs with users and customers to find out what they want and how they want to develop the site for the future.  I have learnt more in the last 3 months by sitting and talking to users than ever before, our perceptions of what people want and how they expect a site to work in many cases is wrong.  A recent user told me that they expect to be able to open Google and type in a search relevant to their own circumstances, for me it was difficult to comprehend or to explain that's really tough, but on reflection that's how a user expects to find info.

Development work
A few off the top development work we want to deliver; a new search interface exploiting the indexes on google mini; better document management; internal blogging; internal collaboration tools; and the rest will be dependent on the findings of our engagement.  We have 500 users willing to take part in our work which is great and I think each one of them are building something for the whole of the county.

Revamp of top 500 pages
A complete review and re-write of the top 500 pages of the site, it equates to around 70% of our visits so they need to be right.

New intranet
Building something more useful, aesthetically engaging is essential.  We need to utilize connectivity and networking internally if not externally.  Content needs to be streamlined and better use of screen estate

So thats a few things on the agenda for me.  Main ones are getting to understand more of what people want and need.  Another exciting part of the year is being involved in LocalGov Digital which is coming soon!!! what do people want to see? whats useful to a person living in Cornwall?